Exploration and homesteading

Exploration and homesteading: in the stretch between the internet of sands and stars, I find WordPress.com. And WordPress presents me with this apt image of unsteady sea, sun and sky in one of its Free Plan themes, capturing that fluid feeling of one that wavers about being in the right place, the right journey, the right adventure. Nevertheless, I feel good already with this tentative effort at blogging, so I will keep the photo displayed here for now. Just let me know if I cannot use the photo this way due to any copyright issue, and I will gladly replace it with another sun and sea photography. Either of sunrise or sunset. This exploration and homesteading will weave through sunrises and sunsets.

Thank you, WordPress, for affording me this space to welcome my readers.



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6 Responses to Exploration and homesteading

  1. Mike says:

    If you’re concerned about photo copyrights, go to this site: free pix!



  2. That’s a lovely picture. I don’t use any stock photos on my site, I take them all with my camera on my cell phone, and then I watermark them. For some just the act of writing is creative, for me it’s the photos I take and how I weave them into my writings. I’m not the best, but I sure am having a lot of fun. And I really enjoyed reading other blogs.

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